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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:43 pm 
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*** Highlights ***

- Fellowships can now have up to 12 members.
- Several enhancements were made to the Firiona and Zek rule sets. Please see the details below.

*** Items ***

- Tradeskill trophies can now be rotated on any axis when placing them in your house.
- Tradeskill trophies will now default to a standing position when initially placing them on your property.
- The Gold Trimmed Tree With Lights and Globes and the Red Trimmed Tree With Lights and Globes will now have the correct appearance when placed on your property.
- Corrected a timer issue with several items that have Guardian Circle and Geomantra effects.
- The Child's Play Cardboard Tube can now be used by Berserkers.
- The Gift: Child's Play Cardboard Tube Ornamentation can now be traded and will grant the correct item.
- Legacy class-specific spell research kits (Tomes and Grimoires) now function as regular containers.
- The Obsidian Scale Bow Ornamentation now correctly names the weapon types it can be applied to.
- The Worn Old Rabbit's Foot effect can now be used in combat.
- The focus effects on the Plaguescale Rod have been changed to be more useful to all casters.
- The entire Terror Infused armor set is now attunable.
- The Doll of Character will now be returned to you if it fails to grant its reward.
- The focus effects on Esoteric Sleeves of the Thaumaterge, Enigmatic Gloves of the Sorcerer, and Esoteric Wristguard of Finality are now correctly named.
- The Esoteric Wristguard of Finality and Esoteric Sleeves of the Thaumaterge now have a level 90 focus instead of level 85.
- The Ribbon of Bleached Shark Teeth has a new charm effect which is more reliable than the previous one.
- Brightforce is now usable in the primary hand only.
- Distillate of Clarity XIV and XV now have the proper effects attached. The benefit from Distillate of Clarity XV is significantly improved.
- Ferocity X now has a triple attack bonus and a minimum damage bonus of 200% to match the previous effects in that line.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Baking and brewing recipes for House of Thule should now produce items with effects.
- Removed the lore tag from Dream Seals that had it.
- The crafted portable tradeskill stations are now unusable once they reach zero charges. They may still be recharged.
- Lower level spell research hide components now drop on rats in addition to their existing sources.
- New spell research merchants are available in starting cities.
- Corrected an issue that prevented melee classes from researching their Secrets of Faydwer tomes.

*** Quests & Events ***

- All shared tasks with unlimited durations have been set to a maximum of six hours, which is the maximum amount of time a task instance will remain active.
- Curse of Rot, Curse of Fire, Curse of Poison, and Curse of Frost in the Welcome to My Nightmare mission can now land on mercenaries and pets.
- Corrected the spawn point of an undead shadowknight in the Miragul's Vendetta mission. This should make the Bone Breaker achievement possible.
- The Suspiciously Sweet Treats quest should no longer become gated if players die before filling the jug with water.
- Abandoning the Miragul's Vendetta mission should now eject players normally.

- Cazic's Final Stand - Cazic will properly name the individual he intends to make suffer.
- The Essence of Dreams - Shadow of the Heart's out of combat regeneration has increased substantially.
- The Essence of Dreams - Raid will completely reset if left idle for a period of time.
- Elements of a Dream - Avenger Essences have developed a dangerous interaction with some other spells.

*** Spells ***

- Druid - Corrected the spelling of Nature's Incinerating Wrath. It's not nice to misspell Mother Nature.
- Druid/Shaman - Added an attack increase to Mammoth's Force to allow it to completely supersede Champion and increased the mana cost.
- Enchanter - Illusion: Polka Dot Bunny can now be used in combat.
- Enchanter - Corrected the name of the Mana Reiteration scrolls and spell rewards. Renamed Mana Recursion Aura to Mana Reiteration aura.
- Enchanter - Corrected an issue that was causing enchant (metal) spells to not be able to be memorized if you had different enchantments memorized.
- Magician - Lowered the recast time of Bolt of Rhyolite.
- Magician - Lowered the casting time and increased the recast time of Strike of Sand.
- Magician - Lowered the casting time and recast time of Fickle Flare.
- Magician - Lowered the casting time and mana cost of Ruinous Servant and increased the recast time slightly.
- Paladin - Reworked Righteous Indignation into a skill attack buff to serve as more of a burn ability. It now will add more skill attacks for a brief period with a longer refresh time.
- Paladin - Righteous Indignation should no longer interfere with Ageless Emnity.
- Ranger - Corrected the AC cap values on Protection of the Vale. It should now give the same amount of AC as Cloak of Quills.
- Ranger - Reworked Called Shots so that the debuff portion of all three ranks can be used on the same target. Lowered the innate attack damage and debuff values (for ranks II and III) slightly.
- Necromancer - The Night Orb summoned by Dunkelnacht Orb is no longer lore.
- Warrior - The Weapon Affiliation and Flash of Anger abilities should no longer prevent memorizing each other.

*** NPC ***

- A new bag is available from Alerynril the Loyal.
- Alerynril the Loyal will now also display the marketplace if you speak with her. She still offers loyalty items if you click on her as before.
- Choleric unicorns in the Morell Ascendant mission will now give experience when killed.
- Players should now be able to break the seal protecting Khati Sha's inner sanctum and hold audience with the elusive demigod.

*** AA ***

- Rangers - Headshot now only affects your current target.

*** Achievements ***

- New achievements have been added to track the usage of the Rusty Gate Key, Tremulous Key, and Sanctum Key.

*** Zek ***

- Players will now receive a divine aura effect whenever they zone on a PvP server.
- Removed forced respawn in Shadowrest when killed in PvP (or due to a DoT in PvE) on PvP rulesets.
- Fixed an issue with PvP leaderboards not appearing.
- Added in a system of PvP event announcements with their own channel, text color, and filter.
- The player or players (if there's a tie) with the highest infamy currently online is broadcast to all players. If someone logs in with a higher infamy than the current highest, it will be broadcast. Likewise if the highest infamy player logs out, the next highest is broadcast.
- Player kills are broadcast to all players. This includes an indication of whether the kill was solo, solo with merc, group, or group with merc.
- Killing sprees of multiples of 5 kills or more are broadcast. When a killing spree of more than 5 is ended (by the player being killed) it is broadcast.
- Death streaks of multiples of 5 deaths or more are broadcast.
- Increased infamy gain slightly.
- Infamy decays 5 times more slowly than it did before.
- Fixed a bug that caused the PvP stats window to not remember that it was closed if the done button was used to close it.

*** Firiona Vie ***

- Removed the special bind restrictions from the roleplaying ruleset.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fellowships can now have up to 12 members.
- Fixed several memory leaks that can occur when switching from full screen to windowed mode (or vice versa).
- Fixed a bug that caused flickering ground textures in some zones when in least memory mode and client memory usage is high.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the client to run out of memory while zoning.
- /assist group will now properly auto-attack if the option is set.
- The "Plot Launcher" will now function properly if the user is under the effects of a levitate spell.
- Corrected an issue causing auras to affect pets differently than their owners.

*** UI ***

- Added Placeable option to "select by type" menu of the bazaar's search window.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Sig can now send you inside Miragul's Phylactery whenever you are [ready].
- Terror in the Dark - The number of spider adds in The Well raid have been reduced.
- Elements of a Dream - Enemies will stop spawning after their respective puzzles have been solved.
- The Mature Juniper Tree will no longer appear as a black box when placed.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:20 pm 

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Ick. Headshot AA farming has been nerfed... Too bad.

On the plus side, Khati'Sha the Twisted event now works again.. Probably one of the most fun events in the game, imo... If very long. Awesome drops, too.

Darksiege: You are not a god damned vulcan homie.

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