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 Post subject: 10/21 patch notes
PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:29 pm 
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I don't see anything here suggesting they've identified and fixed what has been causing so much lag (for me anyway) since HoT laucned. I hope they stealth it in anyway (but I'm not hopeful). ... 10/21/2010

Game Update Notes - October 21, 2010
*** Items ***

Lowered the prices of many older Guild Hall teleport stones.
The Doll of Character is no longer tradable.
Corrected the AC values on Abstruse Soulreaper Robe and Lucid Soulreaper Robe.
Ranger breastplates from House of Thule should now grant the correct amount of damage from their click effects.
Changed the focus names on several HoT raid rings to reflect the actual focus present on the items.
Coin weight reduction bags have had their capacity increased.
Corrected the descriptions on the Hedgerow Leaf items so they correctly describe the mount they summon.
Claiming the Slashing or Crushing Emerald Dragon Ornament should now grant the correct item.
Mixing Bowl, Ice Cream Churn, and Fly Making Bench are now purchasable from the furniture crafting supplies vendor in the neighborhoods.
Corrected several typographical errors in item names.
Corrected several typographical errors in the new housing items.
Changed the name of several stone housing items to reflect what they actually look like.
The Sword of Truth is now placeable in real estates.
*** Tradeskills ***

Tradeskill crafted furniture had incorrect sellback values. They have been corrected.
*** Quests & Events ***

The Research Assistant quest will now accept all custodians.
Blood Mad The task should now require two Fetid Blood to be turned in, instead of four. The listless madwoman should also no longer be referenced as a "he" in the quest text.
Corrected text errors in The Last One, It Only Gets Worse, and A Tearable Fear.
The Gardener Fixed an instance where Deceiver Aeriht could depop and not allow the mission to be completed.
By the Stones! Fixed several issues with the task.
Tick Tock Lowered the damage of the living armor adds.
Torches of Truth Corrected a bug with the Elimination of Nightmares spell.
Ritual of Terror Corrected bugs with Forced Displacement and Shin Kick.
The Force of Eternity Corrected the Synarcana's protection from physical damage.
Islands of Sand Corrected the 'time out' message.
Enemies in some of the hard missions have become more challenging.
*** Spells ***

Casters Increased the HP, AC, and magic resist granted by Shield of Dreams.
Beastlord Increased the damage modifier on the pet buff portion of Incomparable Velocity.
Beastlord Increased the attack and HP granted by Spiritual Valor.
Beastlord Corrected the duration of Callous Ferocity to 12 minutes.
Cleric Increased the damage and mana cost of Rebuke.
Cleric Removed the distance modifiers on Celestial Contravention. Increased the damage on Celestial Contravention Strike and increased mana cost slightly.
Cleric/Druid Increased the damage and mana cost of Tectonic Shock.
Druid Corrected the damage cap on Remote Sunflare.
Enchanter Spectral Unity can now be modified by Quick Buff.
Enchanter Added the triple attack chance from Speed of Novak to Hastening of Novak.
Enchanter Increased the radius of Bucolic Aura.
Enchanter Adjusted Curtailing Helix to be able to overwrite Splintered Consciousness.
Magician Increased the damage modifier on Burnout IX.
Magician Corrected the proc from the Jolting Mindblade to reduce hate as it was intended.
Magician Fire pets above level 50 will now properly restore their extra damage spell if they zone or are suspended with Frenzied Burnout on them.
Paladin Blessing of Light will now properly be triggered from Earnest Fury Strike. Gift of Mana will not.
Shadowknight Corrected the duration base of Banshee Skin so that it will last for a base of an hour as intended.
Shaman Reduced the healing on Ascendant's Intervention to match Survival of the Propitious.
Ranger Increased the AC and damage shield on Quillcoat.
Ranger Increased the HP regenerated by Stalker's Vigor.
Ranger Increased the damage shield on Protection of the Vale.
*** NPC ***

Corrected a typo in Rupkerr’s hail dialog.
Corrected typos in dialogue in The Grounds.
Corrected the appearance of leprechauns in Sanctum Somnium missions.
Corrected some graphical errors on the new Centaur models.
The Compendium of Nightmares' spell Time of Death will no longer reapply itself if it is cured.
Ardull the Watcher in the Library will no longer go no-combat when you are fighting him. He will also leave a corpse.
Arenrhaed in the Grounds will no longer try to infinitely cast his buff spell on himself.
Beget Cube in the Grounds will no longer reflect proc spells back at players.
Gilibus the Unseen will no longer reset himself when in combat.
The powers of rares in the Grounds and Library have been weakened.
Moved a terror guard away from the entrance to the Library in the House of Thule zone.
Removed some errant NPC spawns in the Feerrott that should only have been triggered via the Protecting the Weak (Minded) quest.
*** AA ***

The minimum level for all Dreamlike stat AAs has been increased to level 85. All levels of each stat are now purchasable at level 85 as well.
Bard Cacophony now has the correct number of ranks available.
Bard Extended Ingenuity will no longer extend songs.
Beastlord Rank 1 of Beastial Bloodrage should now work on your warder.
Cleric Bestow Divine Aura is castable again.
Druid Survival of the Felicitous AA has been refunded and removed. It was never intended to be live.
Magician Refunded all ranks of Elemental Spell Fury since they don’t do anything. Sorry.
Rogue Created 3 new ranks of Hasty Exit.
*** Achievements ***

Corrected the achievement "It's Dangerous to Go Alone (Group)" so No Freedom in Death updates it when completed.
Corrected a typo in the 'Savior of' achievement descriptions.
Some Ranger Specialized Proficiency achievements were removed as they were redundant. Sneak was the only skill in these achievements, and it was capped at a low level.
*** Miscellaneous ***

Rotharran Radhelm will now properly acknowledge No Freedom in Death as part of progression and offer his wares accordingly.
Some future use poison components were dropping from NPCs. The correct components should now be dropping.
Removed Distillate of Alacrity XV from Ralkor Stoneclaw because it doesn't work and wasn't intended to be live.
Tinkering Tables, Ice Cream Churns, Fly Making Benches, and Mixing Bowls are now available for use at the neighborhood community center building.
Fixed an issue causing items within houses to be lost when transferring characters between servers.
Changed a check that was causing items that were only tradable on Firiona Vie to not be movable by other players in housing plots.
Corrected some crashes and other issues when selling more than 80 items in the Bazaar.
Fixed a potential client crash with computers that can not use pixel shader 2.0.
Fixed an issue that required players to zone before they could place housing items purchased from the marketplace.
Placeable items that are also equippable (swords, shields, bows, etc) can now be dropped by clicking on the ground in a non-real estate zone.
Placeable items that are also equippable can now be dropped in real estate zones by holding ctrl when clicking on the ground.
Lowered the intensity of the bloom effect in Everfrost, Relic, Kernagir, and the Guild Lobby.
Fixed some issues with the /who command involving people in housing zones.
Fixed some issues with post processing effects and bloom lighting.
*** UI ***

Fixed some resizing and default window size issues for container windows.

*** Previously Updated ***

Rend in the Grounds will no longer become permanently invulnerable.
Fallen Soul in the Well should no longer be attackable.
Corrected the appearance of the dead NPCs in the Pit of All Fears mission.
Ritual of Terror Fixed a bug that could cause the raid to stop working once Kerchak was killed.
Zeflmin will now tell you which zone the Guild Hall portal is aligned to when you enter your Guild Hall.
The Lost One Weaver's Bodyguards will now spawn correctly on live servers.
The EverQuest Team

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