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The Whopperito
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Author:  Vladimirr [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  The Whopperito ... r-burritos

Coming to a Burger King near you, on August 15th.

Can't wait. Review pending.

Author:  Raell [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:53 pm ]
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NO, NO, NO! Do not do it man. That thing looks horrid.

Author:  Screeling [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:07 am ]
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This from the same fast food joint that brought you whoppers that turned the poop bright green.

Author:  FarSky [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:31 am ]
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Author:  Lenas [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Whopperito

Looks like a must-eat

Author:  Vladimirr [ Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:15 pm ]
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Got 16 of them for lunch today. I've done my best to anonymize the chat log. Everyone liked it, some loved it, no one ranked it lower than a 7.

JW   Morning, IT!
DB   Good Morning JW
MB   Good morning..has anyone tried a whopperito?
JW   hmmm first meeting is at 9:30
MB   We need to confirm it exists at our BK
KW   Good morning
JW   audit, whopperito... audit.... whopperito........ 
JW   (doh.jpg)
KB   auditerito?
JW   13 mins in current traffic. can anyone confirm its availability at the xxx location
MB   probably not availabel until lunch
MB   they have a whopperito available at 10:30
JW   anyone else want do to a whopperito run? im in audit meetings at that time
JW   and if so - show of hands, who wants to try one? this is whopperitos only, not all you can eat full menu burger king stuff
JW   (rightbicep.jpg)
MB   I want to try one, or half of one
JW   no one else? fortune favors the bold!
KB   I would like to try one.
JW   (as does escherichia coli*) (*that doesn't matter right now)
BK   now
SB   I'll take one
JW   i'll provide the credit card if someone else can do the transit
JW   do i have a driver yet? i don't want to get everyone all excited yet if we can't actually get them to here
MB   its getting ready to storm..I'm willing to go at 12 if it isnt nasty out
BK   As the storm hits
JW   scattered nonsevere thunderstorm, will be gone by 10:30 anyway
JW   alright, we have a volunteer, thanks MB
AG   I would really like to hear the feedback on the Whopperito. I almost got one the other day but stuck with the trusty standard whopper
KB   @AG I will give you a full report.
AG   haha, thanks!

(...lunch happens...)

BK   1,000 thanks to JW and MB
BD   Yes, thank you!
BK   This is pretty amazing... it is almost exatly what they promised, the feeling and sensations of burritos but the Whopper flavor profile
BK   Its got a level of depth and balance i did not expect
AG   Thank you JW and MB!
KB   Agreed. They did an excellent job of combining the burrito flavor with the whopper flavor.
JW   scale of 1 to 10
JW   what are we thinkin
JW   10 being the best
BD   7
BK   I am in the 7.5 - 8 range
KB   I give it a solid 7
AG   the taste of the burger king burger, without the mayo is totally throwing me off
JW   im closer to an 8.5. it's like an easier-to-eat whopper, i don't do well with bready bun stuff
BK   I order them without mayo so i am good
JW   i could add this to my rotation
AG   no, youre not good BK. What is wrong with you?
BK   I def could add this to my life
BD   It could use a little more queso in my opinion and lose the pickles so I give it a strong 7
AG   i could eat it again as well. I would say its also an 8
BK   I hate mayonnaise I will literally say I am allergic to it so they don’t accidentally put it on things, because it makes me gag
BD   Its not a got to have it but would definitely eat again. okay, 7.5/10
JW   if they made an Angry Whopperito i'd rank it up over a 9
KB   See, I feel the pickles help to define the whopper flavor in the whopperito and are necessary
BK   i think i could add at least another .5 for an Angry version
KB   could definitely go stronger on the queso
AG   im with beason on both points
KB   or I like the angry whopperito idea also.
BK   Agreed must have the pickles, most specifcally the burger king pickles which are differnet than most other pickles
BD   Whopperito definitely better than whopper
BD   Add more queso to it and it would be an 8.5
JW   @CJ @CB @DO
BD   What happens if you eat this with taco bells hot sauce?
BD   Could be pretty good
MB   I like the whopperito with zesty onion ring sauce
BK   Nice nice
JW   am i crazy thinking there could be fries in there?
BK   plus remeber it is burger king so you could go in and order with Extra Queso, add Mayo and they would do it
BK   Add Onion rings for me,
BD   No, add fries! Genius
BD   Add fries and more queso and it is now a 9
BK   It's happening, we are beginning to evolve....
KB   either way
CJ   whopperito should have it's own channel
CJ   Also, it's basically just a burger wrap, let us wrap their other more spicier burgers.
JW   (upvote.jpg)
JW   so if we replaced the burrito shell with a bacon weave
BK   I dont agree it's just a burger wrap, they definitely seasoned the meat on par with a more zesty flavor profile, and the queso - Also most burger wraps i have had they just Cut the burger in half and wrap it (McDondalds ex) in this case the meat was evebnly spread throughout, and was more crumbled than cut.
BD   Too greasy if we add bacon
BK   Not if we add cheese over the bacon
JW   ok, the bacon makes it a different thing anyway.
JW   - minus bacon idea for now
CJ   put bacon in it anyways
JW   angry bacon whopperito, now we're gettin somewhere
DO   I like that JW
AG   dang.. I'm getting a whopperito TONIGHT
AG   so no mayo but it has some other sauce?
AG   ...I'm all about that mayo on a whopper..
KB   no condiments at all...they swap the condiments for the queso sauce
KB   think queso mixed with taco seasoning
KB   it's good

Author:  Lenas [ Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Whopperito

Ate one, lived to tell my tale. It was actually pretty good, the taco bell / bk mashup we never asked for. Every bite basically like the center of the burger. Burritos were created by God as the perfect food form.

However it won't be a staple for me because I prefer ketchup/mayo to this cheesy taco sauce.

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