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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:30 pm 

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GladeRebooted Posting Guidelines

To help foster a friendlier community, the Glade has adopted some guidelines for posting. Note that these are guidelines, and moderators have a lot of discretion on how they are enforced. This is because strict rules tend to inspire people to try to follow the letter of the law and ignore the spirit, and also get well-intentioned people making one-off innocent remarks banned. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

We have selected a number of Moderators to help keep the forums in line; what they say goes. When a Mod is acting in their capacity as a Moderator, they will indicate such by posting in a different color or font than usual. When they post in this manner, pay close attention to what they have to say.

Currently, the Moderation staff includes:
Dash (Administrator)
Mookhow (Administrator)

Lenas (Global Moderator)
Stathol (Global Moderator)
NephyrS(Global Moderator)

Reporting Posts
If you believe a post is violating these rules, you can report by clicking on the Report Button Image which can be found in the lower right hand corner of each post. This report is entered into a system where all Mods can see and review it, eliminating the need to contact a Mod directly.

We strongly suggest you Report rule violations rather than respond to them, as responding may put you in violation of one of the Forum Rules.

Moderator Actions

Warning, Suspending, Banning
Warnings can be given for serious violations of the rules of posting. Repeated warnings, or particularly egregious violations, can result in suspension or banning from specific subforums or even the entire message board.

Moderators will not normally remove any part of a post that violates these forum rules, however, in extreme cases, for particularly disruptive posts (spammers come to mind) we may delete or remove certain offending material.

Splitting, Moving, and Merging Threads
Sometimes threads get started in the wrong place; this is understandable, and we will shunt these threads to the right forum when found. More often, threads get started in the right place, and then have a subset of debate that does not belong. When this happens, we can split out the part that does not belong to a thread of it's own; either in the same forum or a more appropriate one.

Locking Threads
Some threads reach a point where they need to be locked. This may be because the thread has reached a point where it is violating so many rules that it can’t be recovered by other Mod actions, or because it’s a copy of another active thread. Re-starting a locked thread without permission is against the rules. Mods may also lock a thread in order to review its contents without having additional posts added, and then unlock it after resolving the situation. If the thread is unlocked by a Mod, you may post to it again.

Rules of Posting

Don't flame. We are all mature enough to know what flaming is, just don't do it. It's simple.

The flip side to flaming. Don't intentionally bait someone to flame you. This includes trolling.

External Baggage
Each thread should exist in a vacuum. What this means is that you can't carry over anger from a debate in another thread into a new discussion.

Ignoring Moderation
Any poster that deliberately ignores or disrespects a post made by a Moderator posting in that capacity will receive a warning or worse. This is not to say you are not allowed to disagree or discuss moderation- just don't directly ignore it, and be polite and civil while doing it. This includes re-starting locked threads. If a Moderator locks a thread, and you re-start it, that is directly ignoring moderation.

Vigilante Moderation
If something needs to be done about a post or thread, send a PM to a mod, or use the report option. Deciding to tell the poster or posters that what they are doing is wrong yourself invariable leads to a situation that is less salvageable than the original was. This includes "Keep it in Hellfire", or "This should go to Hellfire", etc. If you think it needs to go to Hellfire, just submit a report to that effect.

Generally, you know when you're posting spam, so don't. Posting spam to the boards is a banning offense. Any account created solely for the purpose of posting spam will be deleted immediately, and the spam removed. By the same token, don't add to spam by responding to it. Report it, flag it as spam, and the Moderators can remove it.

Posting Oversized Images
Oversized images can cause thread formatting problems for viewers. Please embed your large images inside spoiler tags. Posting oversized images is unlikely to result in a warning, but don't be surprised if a moderator edits your post to fix the problem.

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 Post subject: Personal Information
PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:00 am 
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There is no requirement anywhere on the Glade to post personally identifying information, and mostly we would rather you didn't.

Once you let anyone know anything real about you and post it on the internet, the odds are someone, somewhere, sometime will use it against you in some way. The management here approves and requests the use of aliases for all real people you may mention in your posts. Your old friend Duane may actually be named Albert, we don't care and don't want to know the real name of the person. The use of your own name is tempting, I've done it, many of you have done it, and that has been all of our choices. From here on I'd advise against it.

Its easy to fall into the we're all friends here mode of thinking, but we aren't. It is an open forum, anyone can visit here, anyone can put two and two together and realize you live four houses down from them on the clues you give in your posts. I'm much too lazy to hunt down anyone and make life miserable for them. Not everyone is so lazy.

And off the main boards? In PMs with people you are meeting or want to know better, use your best judgment, but be warned not everyone is necessarily who they seem.

Its a weird internet out there people, be careful.



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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:01 am 
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Blargh. I totally horked this topic trying to alter the chronology on the backend so that I could merge these stickies without the posting order getting all out of whack.

Anyway, I think I've got it all sorted out now. Michael is a time traveller.

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